I will do Vulnerability Assessment and penetration testing on your website

Piyush Kumawat (securitycipher)
2 min readDec 12, 2023


  1. Reconnaissance as a Service (RaaS): Proactively identify vulnerabilities through simulated reconnaissance techniques to address weaknesses before exploitation.
  2. Web Application Security Testing: Rigorous examination of web apps to uncover vulnerabilities like SQL injection, XSS, and ensure robust defense.
  3. Web Service & API Security Testing: Thorough assessment of web services and APIs for potential vulnerabilities, unauthorized access, and data leakage risks.
  4. Cloud Security Configuration Review: Comprehensive analysis of cloud setup to eliminate misconfigurations and fortify cloud environment security.
  5. Mobile Application Penetration Testing: Identify mobile app vulnerabilities, protecting user data and system integrity, backed by actionable insights.

Why Us:

  1. Expertise: Pros with up-to-date cyber knowledge for evolving threats.
  2. Tailored Solutions: Customized services for full security coverage.
  3. Comprehensive Reporting: Clear reports outline vulnerabilities, impacts, screenshots, and steps for action.
  4. Ethical and Transparent: Prioritize finding weaknesses ethically, and building trust.
  5. Ongoing Support: Guidance, recommendations, and ongoing help for better security.

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Piyush Kumawat (securitycipher)

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