Out-of-Band Exfiltration Tools


In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, one area that has gained significant prominence is bug bounty programs. These initiatives encourage ethical hackers and security enthusiasts to unearth vulnerabilities within software systems, rewarding them for their diligence. While many vulnerabilities are straightforward to detect and report, there exists a class of subtler, more elusive bugs that demand a specialized set of tools and techniques for discovery. Among these, “Out-of-Band Exfiltration Tools” stand out as indispensable instruments in the arsenal of bug bounty hunters and security researchers. In this blog, we will delve into the world of out-of-band exfiltration tools, exploring their significance, functionalities, and their crucial role in the hunt for hidden vulnerabilities in today’s complex digital ecosystems.

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interactsh — https://app.interactsh.com/
webhook[.]site — https://webhook.site
requestcatcher — https://requestcatcher.com
canarytokens — https://canarytokens.org/generate
dnsbin — http://dnsbin.zhack.ca
ngrok — https://ngrok.com
serveo — http://serveo.net
requestbin — https://public.requestbin.com/r/
beeceptor — http://beeceptor.com
postbin — https://www.toptal.com/developers/postbin/
knary — https://github.com/sudosammy/knary

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